If you have ever considered relocating, then you realize how stressful finding the ideal location can be. While some people move to a specified area for work purposes or to be closer to a certain facility, there are those that choose a new residence without any pulling factor. If you are one of the latter individuals, then Colorado may be an option with Denver being a particular region to consider. This article will provide information on Denver, Colorado, from an ‘insider’ perspective to help you make an informed decision.

If you are choosing to move to Colorado, then it may be beneficial to begin looking at the city of Denver. In recent years, the Denver city council approved plans to transform the city into one of the most culturally diverse, desirable, and ‘liveable’ places in the US. For example, the popular 16th Street Mall’s side streets are to be reconstructed to attract customers to the mall. Moreover, streetcars are being reinstated in Denver to reconnect the residential neighborhoods to downtown Denver without causing too many carbon emissions. This will also make Denver’s major boulevards more pedestrian-friendly and community-orientated.

Denver can be found in the state of Colorado, which is could be called ‘smack dab’ in the center of the United States; however, it is actually approximately 346 miles west of the center – just don’t tell anyone. Currently, Denver is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the mid-United States and is known by many as the ‘mile high city’ because of its economic development. The city and county of Denver cover approximately 150 square miles and this city is most well known for its Rocky Mountains; however, it does present with more than 200 national parks within the city limits.

Another fascinating feature about Denver is that it is considered one of the thinnest cities in the United States. Due to the fact that Denver has a very well-defined downtown area where all attractions are within walking distance, the majority of people walk to their desired location; thereby, reducing the number of overweight individuals in the city. Furthermore, the Rocky Mountains attract people for hiking and skiing on a regular basis – both tourists and local inhabitants.

The climate in Denver is considered mild, but also semi-arid. Compared to Los Angeles, California, this city receives approximately fifteen inches of moisture per annum and reports approximately 300 days of sunshine in one year. While snow does fall in Denver, it will melt shortly after reaching the ground because of the steady Chinook winds blowing from the Rocky Mountains.